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Carpet from Wagner Rug and Flooring

A nice carpet can create a quaint and delicate feeling of softness for any area in your home. Wagner Rug and Flooring of Westfield can assist you in shopping for the truly lovely texture to bring your home that experience with your special, individual style. With immeasurable patterns and a plethora of colors to fit with any decor, the products that we offer you are limitless.

Browse through our amazingly comprehensive compilation of brands, shades, patterns, and designs to find the carpeting that's suitable for you and your lifestyle. From hassle-free materials for the kids’ room to more extravagant designs for the living room, to hardy exterior products for a new tree house, Wagner Rug and Flooring has everything you need. A chic frieze, a soft shag, or an exemplary Saxony, we provide what you need to give your room your inherent artistry.

Choose from wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, throw rugs and interior and outdoor carpeting, all in the most stylish colors, designs and brands. If you're attempting to wholly re-do the floors, or just to add the finishing touch to your dream space, we've got you covered. It doesn't matter if what you're shopping for is something that's modish, differentiating, tough-as-nails or all of the above, we'll be happy to help you find it.

Once you've gotten what you're looking for, Wagner Rug and Flooring will go one step further to provide excellent service by delivering and installing your products for you. We can assure you that we have a team that is accommodating, knowledgeable and willing to meet your needs, as well as handy and competent craftspeople to make sure that your opulent floor isn't compromised by an unprofessional assembly process.

From the start to the completion of the home redesigning job, we do whatever is necessary to make sure that you get the suitable carpet, at the most economical prices, with the lowest amount of red tape and frustration possible. Wagner Rug and Flooring wants to help you make your house appear as rare as you have always wanted.
Family friendly carpet in Westfield MA from Wagner Rug and Flooring

Types of carpet

  • Nylon: This is the most popular synthetic carpet fiber used today. It offers tremendous value, performance, and ease of maintenance. Nylon provides brilliant colors and hides soil and traffic well.

  • Polyester: Gives excellent color clarity with a soft feel to the carpet. Not as durable as Nylon.

  • Olefin: This fiber is also called polypropylene, and is extremely popular in berbers and level loops. Olefin carpets are highly stained, static, mold, and mildew resistant. They can be used for indoor or outdoor carpets, including outdoor turf.

  • Wool: Somewhat more expensive than most fibers but gives you extreme comfort and durability.

  • Smartstand Dupont Sorana: Although a new fiber to the flooring industry, it has been out for years in furniture and clothing. Provides extreme comfort with great durability and the best stain resistance.

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