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Interior remodeling

For home remodeling projects in the Westfield, Massachusetts area; trust Wagner Rug and Flooring to provide you with everything you need from beginning to end. Whether you're ripping out everything and starting fresh, or simply adding some new flair to and old space, we can help. Whether you've recently moved into a house and want to restyle it in a way that's entirely your own or you just want to spruce up a home that you've already lived in and loved, we can help. From the brainstorming process to the very last finishing touches of the home remodeling process, Wagner Rug and Flooring wants to make your home remodeling venture our number one priority.

From friendly and experienced interior design advisors to help you answer the tough questions: What, where, how much and what color?

Our creative interior designers are here to help you decide what furniture, flooring, colors and patterns best flatter the unique intricacies of your home. Our extensive selection of products, from durable and budget friendly to premium luxury items, is guaranteed to excite and inspire you. No matter what your needs happen to be, we've got something in store to fill them.
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling in Westfield MA
Finally your remodeling project is almost done; everything just needs to be laid into place. Our team of skilled installation experts will ensure that your decor is put together with the precision and beauty of a work of art; all without going over the time limit or your budget.

Wagner Rug and Flooring offers in-home consultations, an extensive on-line catalog of products, speedy delivery and in-home installation, so you can give your space a new face without ever leaving it – not that we wouldn't love to have you come visit us in-store. Call, email or visit us today at (413) 568-0520 or 95c Mainline Drive.

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