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Tiling Services

Ceramic tile is a flooring material that has maintained its popularity. It was crafted over four thousand years ago and it is still one of the most upscale selections for flooring in living spaces today. This classic product made in both glazed and unglazed styles, which have defining assets and drawbacks and can be apropos for different things.

Both styles of tile are strong and impervious to damage. They're also fireproof and won't melt or be singed, which makes them good for a kitchen where sizzling pots or pans may be displaced. Neither material retains bacteria or allergens, making them a wonderful choice for families with kids that get into everything around the house, or for those affected by chronic respiratory conditions.

Unglazed ceramic tiles are fired only once, rather than twice like glazed tiles. They're also never treated with a layer of liquid glaze, which is what characterizes the divergence between them and glazed tiles. The exclusion of a water-resistant barrier that glaze sustains makes unglazed tiles more porous than glazed tile, but still basically water repellent because of its dense build. It is offered in any of the agrarian shades that clay does, and gives the area a rich, graceful atmosphere.

Glazed ceramic tile is the most popular choice. An impressive plethora colors and patterns of glaze provide unlimited potential for renovation and space. Glazed ceramic tiles can be purchased in any of the shades of the rainbow, or they may be tailored to mimic the textures and natural boldness of more uneconomical organic stone. They're also watertight, making them the well-suited option for bathroom floors or walls, or for walkways edging backyard pools.
Tile services in Westfield MA
See Wagner Rug and Flooring for ceramic tiles in the Westfield area. We sell a vast quantity of ceramic tile from brands including Mohawk, Dal Tile, Imola, and more. Meet us in store or scope out our compilation on the web.

Advantages of ceramic tile:
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Very durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Beautiful and an endless combination of patterns
  • Water resistant
  • Fire resistant

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